Collaborations & Associations

ALTS Capital Accelerator – Q4 2019

Neo-H2 applied via GUST ( to the ALTS Capital Accelerator and was selected for the Q4 cohort in 2019. The course was successfully completed. Derek Van Vliet (ALTS program director) was instrumental in providing a comprehensive and robust program.

Rock Hill Venture Mentoring Service – 2019

Our company worked with the Rock Hill VMS in 2019. The program director David Warner was a great resource for our company.

2 Fuel Technologies – April 2020

Neo-H2 & 2Fuel Technologies have signed a letter of intent to collaborate on a project to develop dual fuel technology for internal combustion engines. The effort will integrate Neo-H2’s methanol reforming technology and 2Fuel’s CARB certified technology to optimize the fueling strategy of large diesel engines. The new combustion enhancing process is expected to significantly reduce ICE toxic emissions and the consumption of diesel fuel by utilizing Neo-H2’s hydrogen rich reformate gas.

Methanol Institute

Neo-H2 has been communicating with the Methanol Institute since 2018 regarding our developing technology. MI’s CEO Greg Dolan has provided valuable support to Neo-H2 during our early years – this has included providing resources regarding the methanol supply chain & understanding the correct safety principles & practices in handling methanol. In April 2020 Neo-H2 has decided to formally join the MI.

U.S. Energy Association

We have connected with the USEA and discussed our technology with their Director of Communications & External Affairs, Dipka Bhambhani. In July 2019 we met in Washington D.C. and together had a very productive meeting with the Methanol Institute’s CEO Greg Dolan.

Test Milestones

First successful U.S. reformer test – January 9th 2019

In the months prior the reformer system was redesigned allowing for successful operation of the system achieving steady state reformation for 2 hours.

Independent gas analysis – Q1 & Q2 2019

Multiple gas samples were sent to Elemental Materials Technology (Scott, L.A.) which validated the expected hydrogen rich reformate gas measuring up to 36% H2 on various gas samples.

Longest reformer run time – April 9th 2019

The reformer was run successfully operated at steady state equilibrium for 630 minutes. No issues were encountered. A total of 5.5 kg H2 was produced during this test.

Successful reformer testing in 2019

More than 100 tests were conducted with a high degree of success in 2019 accumulating in excess of 400 hours reforming time.

Diesel ICE combustion enhancement – Q4 2019

With the aid of our 80 kW John Deere generator set we commenced diesel combustion enhancement testing. With pre-turbo H2 reformate gas fumigation we achieved up to 2 L reduction (10.83%) in diesel fuel consumption at 70% load. Later in 2020 we will embark on post turbo gas injection of the of the reformate gas into the generator set intake manifold. With this we anticipate that we will improve the gen. set operational efficiency & emission profile.

Designed & developed test spark generator – December 2019

The Neo-H2 team built a test spark generator using a 4 cylinder Honda car engine. The system was operated on gasoline then on Neo-H2’s reformate. Power output was documented on a 3-phase load bank. 6 kW was produced by each fuel. When utilizing the Neo reformate gas there was a 52% cost reduction compared to operating the test system. With respect to emissions the profile was more favorable for Neo’s gas with reductions in NOx (80%), CO2 (1.5%) & CO (18%). These tests were conducted without engine abatement systems.

2020 & Beyond

National Science Foundation SBIR grant application

A grant proposal for a phase 1 SBIR grant was submitted end of March. After the NSF reviewed our proposal Neo-H2 has been invited to submit the full grant application.

U.S. H2 & Fuel Cell Energy Summit

Neo-H2 has accepted the opportunity to present at the 2nd U.S. H2 & FC Summit in Boston on July 16th 2020 (

PowerGen 2020

In 2019 Neo-H2 attended PowerGen international in New Orleans as an exhibitor. We plan to exhibit & showcase our technology in Orlando in December.

Initiate reformate gas to fuel cell testing

Continue diesel engine combustion enhancement testing

Complete reformer automation project

Implement system for fully automated catalyst production