Hydrogen On Demand

With the flip of a switch, our system reforms various fuels—either alcohols or hydrocarbon-based fuels—into a hydrogen-rich gas…… safely, and on demand. This eliminates the need for transport of highly pressurized hydrogen tanks, saving money and providing flexibility to the customer!

Increased Efficiency & Versatility

Our H2 rich gas is produced with minimal external power (3 kW/kg H2) and has multiple different applications for the ever-expanding H2 economy……..including powering fuel cells and dual fueling compression engines.

Environmental Impact

Our novel technology for H2 generation reduces carbon emissions by:

  • Decreasing the dependency on fossil fuels for power generation
  • Harnessing the power of various renewable fuels:

→ Alcohols such as ethanol

→ Natural Gas recovered from biomass

In doing so, the HR-100 has the potential to be a “game changer” in the hydrogen industry. Overall, this means our partners & customers will improve their bottom line while helping save the environment.

Become part of the clean energy solution today.