Our Mission

Our planet is at a crossroads. As our demand for energy rises, so will sea levels and the rates of pollution-related diseases… unless we make a change. As the saying goes, “be the change you want to see in the world,” so two decades and countless hours of experimental R&D ago, we set out to do just that: forge a path towards a solution. (We’ve never been fond of the status quo.) 

For many years, we’ve been hard at work developing innovative, clean energy technologies that not only address global energy needs, but promote economic development as well.

 Now, with the HR-100, you can decrease your greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. With the HR-100, you too can be a part of the energy solution.

About Us

Our company is utilizing technology that was developed by an entrepreneur and chemical engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in emission control and clean energy. For the last 20 years, she has been actively involved in the research, development, and manufacture of novel catalysts with exciting applications in the areas of fuel efficiency, emission control, and environmental protection. Not content with the way the world was approaching the hydrogen economy, global warming, or the growing energy crisis, she set out to develop a solution: a new technology with which her dream of a cleaner tomorrow could be built. Thus, the NEO HR-100 was born. Innovative, Efficient, Cost Effective… Peerless.

The HR-100: Creating Clean Energy