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Our Hydrogen Generating System (H2GS) produces an on-demand, hydrogen-rich gas, which is immediately fed into an internal combustion engine (ICE) via the engine air intake manifold. This allows for a cleaner and more efficient combustion process, significant diesel fuel savings, and a dramatic reduction of toxic emissions including CO2 greenhouse gas. Modification of the internal combustion engine is not required when using the H2GS.

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We challenge the status quo for hydrogen production and utilization with our new product and approach

How our technology works

  1. Hydrogen-rich gas (35-38%) is produced on demand by oxi-steam reforming of methanol.

  2. This reformate gas is cooled down to below 50°C in a heat exchanger and condenser.
  3. The water steam is condensed and recirculated back into the system.
  4. A constant volume of hydrogen-rich gas is injected into the engine's air intake manifold.
  5. Finally, the hydrogen rich-gas is mixed with diesel fuel in the combustion chamber, reducing diesel fuel consumption by more than 10 L/hour.

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No need to buy new equipment...upgrade!

Whether it’s a generator set, a train, a truck, or a tractor, the H2GS eliminates the need for costly, new equipment and laborious engine retrofitting. So why buy new, when you can buy NEO?

Our energy & cost effective upgrade system keeps diesel clean & competitive

See all the benefits

Hydrogen is on demand
Our innovative approach to the on-demand generation of hydrogen-rich gas makes high-pressure storage vessels a thing of the past. This makes the H2GS not just safe, but cost effective as well.

Increased Efficiency
Hydrogen production is rarely portable, and is energy intensive—but not the H2GS. Our system allows for a reduction in diesel fuel consumption by more than 10 liters per hour, while requiring only 150W of external energy to operate.
No moving parts
The H2GS was designed with simplicity and stability in mind. It’s noise-free, easy to install, and has no special space requirements.
Decreased emissions
Our novel technology for H2 generation limits carbon footprints to peerless levels. With reduced NOx and CO2 greenhouse gas emissions comes a reduction in penalties, and a clean path forward to a greener tomorrow.

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